IMEC Evaluation Service Areas

IMEC provides clear, concise, and credible independent medical evaluations about injuries or medical conditions for claimants locally, throughout New York State, and out of state.

From scheduling the evaluation with the appropriate physician and specialty, all the way through to ensuring the appropriate parties receive the report, IMEC takes the stress out of any independent medical evaluation. This is why we are known for “Putting Together All the Pieces Of The Puzzle”.

New York State & Local Independent Medical Evaluations

IMEC handles all steps of the process, from scheduling an evaluation with a credentialed physician to forwarding the end report to all appropriate parties. These include, but are not limited to, the injured party, their attorney, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, the insurance company, and the evaluator.

IMEC maintains a broad network of specialists conveniently located near claimants’ homes or places of business. This eliminates the need for what can be, at times, difficult travel for the injured party.

Our company policy is to provide independent medical evaluation reports normally within three days. We’ll keep you informed of the status of your reports throughout the process.

Out of State Independent Medical Evaluations

IMEC will coordinate all of the necessary elements of an examination to New York State guidelines and standards where the claimant is located. This will help you accomplish several goals. First, your claimant will be able to avoid what may be time-consuming and potentially painful travel.

Secondly, scheduling locally to the claimant will decrease the potential for missing appointments, possible fees from a physician for the missed appointment,  and avoid higher travel reimbursement costs. No matter where in the U.S. the claimant is located, our goal is to make out-of-state evaluations convenient, cost  ffective, and easy for all parties involved.