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Independent Medical Evaluation Company (IMEC), LLC, provides expert, independent medical opinions about your injury or medical condition that are clear, concise, and credible.

IMEC’s panel of board certified physicians conducts the independent medical evaluations and presents an independent opinion to the legal profession, insurance carriers, third party administrators, and other entities.

IMEC is an independent medical evaluation company, and we comply with state, federal, and national regulations. We normally have medical evaluation reports processed in three days. This is unheard of in our industry, and it is a very big point of pride for us. We coordinate everything involved, from scheduling and performing the evaluation to reviewing the reports for accuracy.

Our Services

New York State Workers’ Compensation

New York State Workers’ Compensation is one of our most frequently requested examination types. IMEC works with both the private and public sectors to meet all of their Workers’ Compensation Evaluation needs, and we work closely with each physician to ensure a quality and accurate report is delivered on time.

No-Fault Examinations

We understand that a No-Fault claim is not the same as a Workers’ Compensation claim. Our physicians understand that their comments on no-fault claims can affect the claim, that they should never go beyond the scope of the requested opinion, that every aspect is time sensitive, and that they must work to ensure a quality and accurate report.

Cost vs. Benefit with IME

IMEC offers very competitive pricing while providing small-town service. When you work with IMEC, there is no cost-benefit analysis; your cost will be the same as your benefit! We cater to our clients’ preferences, and we guarantee the quality of our work with over 40 years of Independent Medical Evaluation and claims management experience throughout our office.

What is an Independent Medical Evaluation?

An independent medical evaluation is a non-biased review of an injury, medical records, fitness for duty, mental status, or any other aspect of medical circumstances.

“IMEC is particularly skilled at effectively managing the unique aspects of interacting with the medical community and individual physician offices. IMEC knows the importance of addressing details in this context and I have no doubt that this is major reason for the efficiency and adeptness with which they accomplish their tasks.”

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