Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What does IMEC, LLC, do?

IMEC facilitates professional expertise in the independent medical evaluation field. IMEC is very proud to help set the quality standards for our industry.

What is an independent medical evaluation?

An independent medical evaluation is a non-biased review of an injury, medical records, fitness for duty, mental status, or any other aspect of medical circumstances.

What if I have a claimant who has left the state?

IMEC will coordinate the evaluation where the claimant is currently located. We will ensure that the examination and all the steps in the process are done according to New York State guidelines and standards.

Who conducts the evaluation?

IMEC maintains an extensive panel of esteemed practitioners. All of our physicians are credentialed and have been pre-negotiated on your behalf. We have taken all of the work out of finding the right specialist for your claim.

How does IMEC handle evaluations?

IMEC, LLC, complies with state, federal, and national regulations to provide fast turnaround.

What types of independent evaluations are available?

IMEC, LLC provides a comprehensive array of different independent medical evaluations to meet your needs.

What is involved with the IMEC process?

The IME process involves a referral, scheduling an evaluation, and other key steps. IMEC, LLC, puts together all the pieces of the puzzle.

How long has IMEC, LLC been in business?

IMEC was founded in 2006 by owner and president Amy McEathron.

About Our Evaluations

New York State Workers’ Compensation

At IMEC, we excel in New York State Workers’ Compensation evaluations, ensuring adherence to guidelines and standards, boasting a flawless record of timely and accurate report submission.

Our meticulous record-keeping has personally saved our clients from report rejections, all achieved within the Board’s deadlines.

No-Fault Examinations

At IMEC, we understand the distinction between No-Fault and workers’ compensation claims, ensuring our physicians provide comments strictly within the requested opinion’s scope to avoid potential complications. Recognizing the time sensitivity of every aspect in a No-Fault claim, our physicians diligently strive for accuracy, collaborating closely to deliver high-quality reports.

Cost vs. Benefit

At IMEC, we offer competitive pricing alongside personalized, small-town service, tailoring our approach to meet client preferences while upholding the integrity of independent medical evaluations. We ensure reports and communications align with your company policies and legal standards, personally handling all processing to guarantee quality and efficiency.

With over 40 years of combined experience in independent medical evaluation and claims management, we prioritize professionalism and promptness, providing real answers and dedicated support for every client interaction, ensuring that your cost equals your benefit.

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